Monday, November 3, 2014

Understanding the Common Core

Jeanne Clements
If you need more information on the new Common Core Standards and the PARCC tests being implemented in New Jersey public schools this year, come to Bernardsville Public Library on Wednesday, November 19 at 7:00 pm to hear Jeanne Clements dispel the myths. Ms. Clements will explain how the standards will impact your children’s education and how they differ from the old standards. She will also discuss what new skills will be required and assessed, what to expect from your children’s teachers, how to help with homework, and how to guide your children over the new obstacles that will challenge them toward their academic goals.

Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification on matters such as taking the test on-line as opposed to the past pencil and paper tests, having test scores in middle school become part of a student’s permanent record and transcript, how the PARCC scores will affect college acceptance, how a new emphasis on non-fiction will change the English classroom, and how the new standards will change our existing curriculum.

Teacher, parent, author, inventor, educational leader, and innovator are some of the titles that Jeanne Clements has comfortably wielded in her professional career. Recognized as an expert on the Common Core and PARCC tests, she has published articles in and been interviewed by many media outlets throughout the United States. Most recently she has conducted workshops on the Common Core and PARCC tests for educators in over 40 districts throughout New Jersey and at the New Jersey Educational Association (NJEA).

After serving in the public school system for over 25 years as an English, drama, and theater arts teacher; public relations liaison; and curriculum developer; she accepted the post of lead teacher of the English Department at Morris Knolls High School where she oversaw and mentored a department of 25 teachers. Currently, she is serving as president of the Association of Language Arts Teachers of New Jersey, a non-profit organization which she founded and is dedicated to preserving the strength, beauty, and power of the English language and Language Arts education. 

There is no charge to attend the program, but advance sign-up is requested. Register online at and follow the link from Adult Programs, or call the library at 908-766-0118 to sign up. 

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