Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The University of "Can-Do"

The next session of "The University of Can-Do,” led by inspirational speaker Andrea Mastrobattista, will meet on Wednesday, November 28 at 7:00 pm at Bernardsville Public Library. "Do you have a goal that you think you can't make happen?" asks Ms. Mastrobattista, "Well, you can, because you have what it takes to accomplish it."

This workshop has run throughout the year, and each month participants discover how to cultivate and maintain the "can-do" determination to make a dream come true.  At this meeting, Ms. Mastrobattista will review the key lessons learned throughout 2012 for leading the CAN-DO way of life and reveal what is in store in “The University of Can-Do Masters Program” in 2013. Those who have worked on vision boards throughout the year should bring them to the meeting.

There is no charge to attend the library workshop, but advance registration is requested.  Register online at www.bernardsvillelibrary.org, and follow the link from Adult Programs, or call the library at 908-766-0118 to sign up.

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