Monday, January 10, 2011

Fifty Book Challenge!

Reading fifty books in fifty-two weeks may seem daunting, but if you share the goal with a supportive group, it can be a lot of fun. This month, community members are invited to sign up for the kick-off of the second year of the successful program at Bernardsville Public Library, The 50 Book Challenge, which is led, prodded and encouraged by Reference Librarian Karen Vaias. Join us at the kick-off meeting for snacks, a free book, reading logs and more on Saturday, January 22 at 3:30 pm in the library’s Community Room. There, ambitious readers will also receive instructions on how to set up their own online reading log and post reviews to the library’s “Book News and More Blog.” Members of the Challenge will be invited to additional events over the course of the year.

“The goal of the program is to provide support for those readers who wish to challenge themselves during 2011,” said Ms. Vaias. “We also hope to provide a forum for readers who would like the opportunity to discuss books with others in a less formal environment than the traditional book group.” The fifty books in fifty weeks are suggested, not required, for participation in the year-long program. Each reader will choose which reading “counts” as part of the total. There are no limitations as to which formats can be read: downloaded books, audio books, e-books and graphic books are all acceptable.

One reader who joined the group in 2010 said of her participation, “The 50 Book Challenge was a benefit to me in several ways that I didn't expect. The simple act of recording what I read gave me a gratifying sense of accomplishment. By reviewing this recorded list, I came to see how my book choices reflected what my emotional or intellectual needs were at the time, and I could then reflect on whether the books met my needs. These books reflect a year in my life.” For more comments from members, go to

There is no charge to attend the on-going programs, but advance sign-up is requested. Sign up online at and follow the link under Adult Programs, or by phone at 908-766-0118. If you are unable to attend the kick-off meeting, but would like to enroll in The 50 Book Challenge, contact Karen Vaias, at or by phone (908-766-0118).

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