Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Conditioning and Diet for the Upcoming Sports Season

Learn how to avoid injuries in the up-coming sports season and what constitutes a nutritious diet for an athlete in an upcoming program at Bernardsville Public Library.  Presented by three local business people, Angelo Scarpati, owner of Optimal Physical Therapy and Performance Institute; Michelle Berckes, nutritionist and natural food chef; and Brenda Curnin, owner of Breezy Organic Snackery, the program will take place on Monday, August 26 at 7:00 pm.

It is important to eat properly both during training and after a strenuous athletic event, but it is often hard to eat the correct amount of protein and the right kind, as well as get enough nutrients.  The program will guide listeners through these options.  Mr. Scarpatti will also talk about some take home exercises for stretching and increasing strength and flexibility to reduce injuries and soreness, especially in growing bodies. 

Angelo Scarpati, MSPT, Cert. MDT, CSCS is a Physical Therapist, Golf Fitness Instructor and Strength Conditioning Specialist.  He treats athletes of all ages with physical therapy and rehabilitation for injuries as well as conditioning programs for peak performance.  

Michelle Berckes, B.S. Nutrition, is a Nutritionist and Natural Food Chef.  She is currently the nutritionist consultant and culinary director at Breezy Organic Snackery in Bernardsville.  Her passion is for helping others heal with food and prevent dietary illness.  For over 10 years, she has worked with doctors, dieticians, trainers, chefs, authors and TV personalities gaining knowledge on the power of healthy food.  

Brenda Curnin, owner of Breezy Organic Snackery in Bernardsville, a vegetarian grab- and-go dedicated to serving only organic food and drinks, is a healthy food fanatic and health coach to those who will listen.    

There is no charge to attend the program, but advance sign-up is requested.  To register, call the library at 908-766-0118 or sign up online at www.bernardsvillelibrary.org and follow the link from Adult Programs.

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