Tuesday, May 7, 2013

University of Can-Do Master's Program

The next session of the "University of Can-Do Master's Program" will meet on Wednesday, May 29 at 7:00 pm at Bernardsville Public Library. "Do you have a goal that you think you can't make happen?" asks Andrea Mastrobattista who leads the group, "Well, you can, because you have what it takes to accomplish it."

This workshop runs throughout the year, and each month participants discover more skills for cultivating and maintaining the "can-do" determination to make a dream come true.  In this installment of the Can-Do Master’s program, they will learn how to break the habit of self-sabotage.  "Often, we are on our own biggest roadblocks in life. Attend this workshop to learn how to get out of your own way," said Ms. Mastrobattista.

There is no charge to attend the library workshop, but advance registration is requested.  Register online at www.bernardsvillelibrary.org, and follow the link from Adult Programs, or call the library at 908-766-0118 to sign up.

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